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Išjudinkite išrašytose sąskaitose užšaldytas lėšas, pasinaudokite Finneo finansavimo (faktoringo) paslaugomis.

Factoring – an opportunity to get the money right away,

regardless of the invoiced payment due date!

How it works?

Invoice to the buyer
Invoice to the buyer

After selling a product or service issue an invoice to the buyer with deferred payment by more than 30 days.

Documents for us
Documents for us

Submit the application and required documents in FINNEO website for financing.

The answer and money for you
The answer and money for you

Within the 48 hours, you will know the answer on the funding and by making a contract with FINNEO, you will get up to 90% of the invoiced amount to your account.

Buyer's payment for us
Buyer's payment for us

The buyer pays the invoice to us, and we, after deduction of the agreed amount for factoring services, transfer the remaining money to you.

Why factoring?

Be able to provide longer payment terms to your customers.


Use frozen funds for your business development and prosperity.

Save valuable time, as we check your customers’ reliability and control their settlement.

No costs of the valuation of assets, insurance and mortgage, since there is no need to pledge assets.

Receive discounts from your suppliers, because you will be able to pay them faster.

Balance your company’s cash flows and payments.



Within 48 hours you will know the decision on the funding and get the money.


Submit the documents and make contracts within our website, without leaving the office.


We are also financing young companies. We do not require collateral or personal guarantee.


You experience no risk, because we safely handle documents in cyberspace, to ensure confidentiality.

Get your money now, if:

  • You have issued invoices with payment date in 30 days or more;
  • Your activities or property is not subject to restrictions or arrests;
  • You sell goods and services to reliable customers;
  • You are in business more than 6 months;
  • Your goal is to make your business grow and prosper.
get funding

Team of professionals

Professional and reliable team with more than 15 years of experience in the financial sector.

We are here to help your business thrive

Reliability, confidentiality and respect for the customer – our core values.

Algirdas Gutauskas
Algirdas Gutauskas

More than 15 years of banking experience with Swedish banking group in Lithuania – AB SEB bankas in corporate lending and leasing. He was part of the management team, dealing with lower quality and toxic loanand leasing  portfolio during and after the financial crisis of 2008.

Dr. Virginijus Bitė
Dr. Virginijus Bitė
Expert in Law

Engaged in legal practice since 2004.

Attorney at law since 2008. The main areas of specialization: contract and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, financial transactions, real estate, dispute resolution.

Since 2014 managing partner at law office Bite and Caikovski ADJUTO.


FINNEO calculator

Sąskaitos mokėjimo terminas (dienos)
30–120 dienų intervalas
Invoice amount (in EUR)
500-30000 EUR
You receive at once:

You get after your debtor has paid for us:

You receive in total:

Your costs


In order to be competitive, we apply longer payment terms to our customers. As a result, our working capital is frozen. After trying FINNEO factoring, we are not looking for other financing ways anymore.

Andrius Būda
Euros transportas, UAB

When advising our customers we discovered that for smaller companies  obtaining of working capital financing is quite complex in the traditional bank. As FINNEO factoring is especially convenient way to finance the  working capital needs, we highly recommend it to our customers.

Marius Čižas
Finansinių konsultacijų centras, UAB

With growth of our business we face the lack of working capital and our time. Both issues FINNEO helps to solve. We recommend.

Karolis Sankauskas
Projektavimo Sprendimai, UAB


  • UAB „Taurus fondas“
  • Įmonės kodas: 304104519
  • K. Kalinausko 2B, Vilnius
  • +370 687 72176
  • info@finneo.lt


  • UAB „Taurus fondas“
  • Registration code: 304104519
  • K. Kalinausko 2B, Vilnius
  • +370 687 72176
  • info@finneo.lt
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